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E6 Earset Microphone

The professional choice

Welcome at Baumann Audio

Since January 2020 our company is the masterdistributor for Countryman products in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe. Our experience of more than thirty years in the professional audio industry makes us your qualified partner when you’re searching for a solution to your audio project. We’re happy to serve you and look forward to your contact..

If you need professional voice or sound reproduction in best definition at a minimal size, there are few options other than Countryman. The miniature microphones are extremely resistant and very flexible in any use, while being almost invisible. This is why they are so popular in theater, film and TV productions worldwide. Also in applications such as live concerts, studio recordings and conferences, these microphones enjoy high demand.

Exclusive distributor

For high quality audio products

Qualified team

Over thirty years experience

We're happy to help.

Please contact us and we’ll prepare a customized quotation.

Almost invisible.
When high quality audio is expected and the microphone needs to be invisible, then Countryman is the best option.

Sound within reach.
Light, modular and robust boompoles are the specialty of US manufacturer K-Tek, whose products are standard a in film and TV productions worldwide..

Easy Access

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Our customers

Musicals, TV, churches, rental and production companies as well as systems integrators are some of our distinguished customers. You can buy our products from a large number of dealers.


About our company

Oliver Baumann started as a sound engineer on tour with some of the famous acts of its day, including Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, Sting, and many more. Later he switched over to sales and distribution when took over the management of the Latin American distribution for Sennheiser. Since 2012 Oliver is focused on running his own distribution companies, Baumann Audio in Germany and Clear Cut, Inc. in USA.

At Baumann Audio we focus on few brands with the goal to offer the best service and make every customer happy. We are familiar with the production schedule and know that occasionally time is of the essence. That’s why we don’t mind the challenge to make things happen and find an urgent solution for our customers.

Company headquarters

Hamburg, Germany

E-Mail: info(at)
Telephone: +49-40-645 04818